Brilliant Books

Running in the Family by Michael Ondaatje

“Asia. The name was a gasp from a dying mouth. An ancient word that had to be whispered, would never be used as a battle cry. The word sprawled. It had none of the clipped sound of Europe, America, Canada. The vowels took over, slept on the map with the S. I was running to Asia and everything would change.”

I first read Running in the Family back in 2008. It was a textbook for my English 111 course, written in what my prof told us was ‘post-modernism’; a story of memories, photos, and things pieced together by the authour of his parents’ life in Ceylon before they immigrated to Canada while the author himself was traveling through Ceylon with a sister and their children.

Running in the Family is a story like no other that I have ever read, and I have read it countless times over the years. It is a novel that inspires the wanderlust in me and once I read it, I get that itch to travel. Highly highly recommend.

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