Fabulous Foods

Minestrone Soup

It been cooling down where I live and been really rainy lately, so I’ve been wanting to make a hearty soup all weekend. I finally got the chance (and the energy) to make this delicious soup on the stove after work today.

The recipe I used is from Pinterest; link here: Minestrone Soup

I made a couple small adjustments based on what I had available to me. I added half of a large zucchini that my mom had given me from her garden, used mini potatoes diced small, and tortellini instead of shell pasta as the recipe on Pinterest had been mislabeled as a Tortellini Minestrone Soup. I was also worried that there wasn’t enough liquid in it so I added 4 cups of water and more of the seasonings to taste. If I had more vegetable broth I would have used that rather than the water. I cooked the soup longer than the recommended amount of time to evaporate some of the extra liquid at the end.

This soup was easy (mostly chopping) to make and very hearty, filling and healthy. I’m loving it and that I have leftovers for work tomorrow!

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