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Classic Sunday Pot Roast

So I’ve had my dutch oven for a few months now and have been wanting to use it. I mean, just look at how pretty it is!

Anyhow, today was an unexpected day off for me, so I was laying on the couch scrolling through Pinterest, snacking on bacon, and trying to figure out what to make in my crockpot. As the time crept past noon, I wondered what I could make in my dutch oven instead of my crockpot so I started searching Pinterest for dutch oven recipes and found this one:

Classic Sunday Pot Roast

I luckily had a roast in my freezer, but had to thaw it in the microwave. I don’t drink red wine, so didn’t have any on hand. I followed the recipe suggestion and used 4 cups of beef broth instead. And instead of fresh rosemary, I sprinkled on dry to taste. Those were the only changes to the recipe I made. And it was delicious. The meat was tender, flavourful; the baby carrots and mini potatoes cooked perfectly. This recipe was delicious.

What I also liked about this recipe is that there are THREE (3!) different ways to cook it and she included directions for all three. You can cook it in the oven with a dutch oven, OR in your crockpot, OR in your instapot. So handy! The prep work for this meal was minimal but it did take 3 hours to cook in my dutch oven.

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