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Shadowcaster by Cinda Williams Chima


Please do NOT read this post if you have not yet read the Seven Realms series by Chima and you are planning on reading it. This post will contain spoilers for that series.

Shadowcaster is the second novel in Chima’s Shattered Realms series, which follows the events of her previous series, Seven Realms.

In this book, the story focuses on yet another of Han Alister and Queen Raisa ana’Marianna’s children, their daughter Alyssa ana’Raisa or Lyss; Warrior Princess and heir to the queendom.

Lyss prefers military battles to court conspiracies, and eventually vows to end the war that has ruled her life.

We’re introduced to two new characters; Captain Halston Maleton of the enemy Arden army and Breon de’Tarvos, a musician.

Thus continues the Shattered Realms series, throwing us again into the world of the Seven Realms, led by the next generation. How do these three characters relate to one another? How are they tied to Ash and Jenna? What will happen next?

This story is worth reading if you enjoyed the previous Seven Realms series and Flamecaster. Yet another hard to put down book.