Brilliant Books

The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima

First off, I know this is a google image of the cover for this book, but I leant my copy to a friend who is still reading it and I really want to talk about this amazing series! I think my copy has a blue cover rather than black.

One thing I love about the Heir Chronicles series, is that it’s not tied in any way to either the Seven Realms series or the Shattered Realms series. It’s just 5 awesome books by a fantastic author.

The Warrior Heir starts off the series by introducing us to the main character, Jack, your average 16 year old boy. But as we all know, our main characters are never just average and Jack soon becomes more than when he one day forgets to take the medicine that he’s been taking all his life.

Now Jack is, of course magical, he enters into the secret magical world that has been existing alongside the world that he knows all this time, he had a mentor who teaches him, and a loved one who wants to save him, and of course, there’s this girl…

So as usual as this plot is to the genre of YA, I do have to say that this story was excellent and is definitely worth reading. I loved the world that Chima builds and I love her characters. The Heir Chronicles are fabulous!

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