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The Caged Queen by Kristen Ciccarelli

The Caged Queen is the stunning sequel to The Last Namsara and it. is. fabulous!


The story picks up after Prince Dax comes to Roa, daughter of the House of Song, and asks for her aid in overthrowing his father and taking his throne.

Now, Dax and Roa are married and they journey back to Firgaard, where Roa hopes to force Dax to be a better King to her people and to also save Essie, her twin sister who died for Dax.

The story is full of arguments, thoughts that don’t quite pop into existence until the absolute last moment, and, to be fair, a few times where the reader is left “wtf-ing” Roa because she’s plainly being kind of dumb by not looking to answer questions that are quite apparent and would help her a lot to know.

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