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Personal Protein Pot by Tasty

Tonight I decided to try one of those Buddha Bowl type meals. This one, as the title says, is called the Personal Protein Pot by Tasty.com.

I found it, of course, on Pinterest; link here: Personal Protein Pot . As you can see when you click on the link, there’s a video that goes with it, showing you the recipe and how to make it.

Personally, I didn’t make it all with one pot. My chicken breasts were still mostly frozen, so I did them in the oven. I did the quinoa on my stovetop, and the vegetables and the egg in my steamer.

I made it for two, as I have my boyfriend to feed as well. I kind of doubled the sauce as I wasn’t sure if I would have enough for both bowls. This gave me a bit of extra. I was skeptical that the ginger would be too strong, as I have a jar of paste-type ginger, instead of fresh. It turned out really good, if not a bit salty. Saltiness probably from the soy sauce.

I don’t eat eggs so I only steamed one for my boyfriend. He told me it tasted good, like an egg. So you’ll have to take his word for it 😆

Fairly simple to make. Quite tasty.

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