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The Hunger by Alma Katsu

The Hunger is based on the real events surrounding the disappearance of the Donner Party in the mid 1840s as they tried to pioneer their way across the USA to California in hopes of a better life.

The Hunger followed a few different characters quite closely, which I enjoyed, and the story itself was excellent. I loved the creepy twists that Katsu brought to the story.

Most definately, this story and what happened to the Donner Party is quite creepy and disturbing, but I was hoping for a bit more of a shock and horror read than what The Hunger was. That being said, if you’re looking for some good thrills while reading about a tragic historic event, The Hunger is great.

It should also be noted that while the tragedy of the Donner Party is real, some of the events and people in the story have been changed to better suit the story and are a work of fiction.

Trigger Warning: this novel does contain child abuse, attempts at sexual assault, and cannibalism.