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Break Your Glass Slippers by Amanda Lovelace

Oh yes! Break Your Glass Slippers is the newest collection of poetry by Amanda Lovelace and it is divine!

***SPOILER ALERT *** This post is going to contain some of my favourite poems from this collection!

Firstly, what I loved about this collection was that there were so many poems in it that I related to!

Poems about toxic relationships and bad boyfriends (hello 20s!)

Poems about body positivity and taking care of yourself. That size isn’t what matters, what matters is that you’re healthy. You can be plus sized and healthy, you can be skinny and unhealthy.

And, poems about toxic people sometimes being those who are closest to you. Toxic partners. Toxic friends. Toxic families. Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to the toxicity.

Secondly, what I loved about this collection, was the stellar advice from the Fairy Godmother. Soo soo good.

So, to some it all up, Break Your Glass Slippers is amazing! It’s relatable, it’s realistic, it’s me. And maybe, it’s you.

As always, Amanda’s collection comes with a list of trigger warnings at the beginning. Make sure you check them out and practice self care.

Lots of love, light, peace and healing xo

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