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Bang Bang Chicken Pasta!

I cannot begin to tell you, how marvelous this pasta is! The taste was so delicious and it was pretty simple to make! And it wasn’t spicy, which, from the title, I was expecting it to be.

Originally, the recipe calls for shrimp but offers chicken as a substitute. I had some chicken breast thawed so used it instead of thawing out my shrimp. The other substitute I made, was making my own Thai Sweet Chili Sauce as I didn’t have any on hand. I will include a section on that towards the end.

The recipe is broken into two main parts: making the sauce and making the pasta.

I started by making the Thai Sweet Chili Sauce, and then the bang bang sauce itself. After that, I set about cooking the pasta, and lastly, cooking the chicken.

Once the chicken was finished, I added it to the pasta, and then mixed in the sauce.

So simple to make! And so tasty! None of the ingredients overpowered any other, and the sauce wasn’t too much or too watery, which I hate.

This recipe popped up in my facebook feed, so I saved it. The link is as follows: Bang Bang Chicken Pasta .

As for the Thai Sweet Chili Sauce, as I said I didn’t have any on hand. Thankfully, a quick Google search gave me one, and I had all of the ingredients available to me, save for one. I didn’t have Sriracha sauce so I used Tabasco instead.

Other than that, I followed that recipe as well. As the Thai Sweet Chili Sauce was an ingredient in the Bang Bang sauce, it was the first thing I made.

The sauce gave off quite a strong vinegar scent, but I personally couldn’t taste the vinegar which was surprising considering the smell. Reading the comment section of the recipe, the creator had suggested to another, using 1/8 of a cup of rice vinegar and then adding more as needed, up to the recommend 1/4 cup.

I wish I had a picture of the sauce but I wasn’t thinking of it when I started. The link to the recipe is here: Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

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