Brilliant Books

Melody by VC Andrews

Melody is the first book in the Logan Family series of 5 books by VC Andrews.

If you’re a VC Andrews fan, then you know that she usually writes all of her books into a series of at least 4 or 5 books, like a mini-series, and each series is named for the characters in it.

In true VC Andrews style, Melody is the story of a young teenage girl, who becomes orphaned, is left with estranged family, and falls in love with a forbidden boy, in this series, it’s her cousin Cary. Told you he’s forbidden. These plot points basically always turn up in VC Andrews’ novels.

I like reading Andrews’ novels for a couple different reasons:

1: they’re always easy to read. The stories are good but short and it doesn’t take me long to burn through one.

2: they’re intriguing. After a couple VC Andrews books you know there’s going to be some crazy shit that goes down. They bring to mind that phrase that goes “it’s kind of like a car accident, you can’t help but slow down and stare as you go by”.

3: there’s always a miserable old crone of a grandmother and incestuous romance that could have been avoided if grandma had of unclenched her pearls and just spilled the family tea earlier instead of letting the unknowing teenagers stumble into love due to raging teenage hormones.

So if this sounds like your type of thing, and you haven’t read VC Andrews before, definitely pick up a book. It doesn’t have to be Melody, literally all of her books are like this. I think Andrews’ most popular series is The Flowers in the Attic series. 4 books with a prequel and a sequel and there is a movie adaptation.

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