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Alice by Christina Henry

First of all, hello and Happy 2021!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, New Years and whatever else you may have celebrated at that time! I want to apologize for not posting for awhile, and hopefully I will be more consistent with posting this year. Fingers crossed! 🤞🏻

So on to the book.

I have always loved The Adventures of Alice and Wonderland, and I always look for retellings of that fantastical classic, so of course when I found Alice by Christina Henry, it was a must buy.

Alice is the first of three books, the two following being Red Queen and Looking Glass. And let me say, it was something else.

Initially, the book starts off with Alice in a mental institution and having no idea of why she is there, only remembering bits and pieces of what happened to her, and snippets of her past life with her parents.

And honestly, that’s the last good thing about this book.

Overall, the story itself was good. The plot was good. We meet a lot of the classic characters and how they were rewritten was great.

But this book should have been started off with LOADS of trigger warnings. For basically everything. Honestly, I knew it was an adult retelling but I had no idea of how graphic and violent the whole thing was. That in itself made it hard to read.

There’s not much more I can say. I personally, felt like maybe this was a 3.5 star read, and I know the premise of my blog is Brilliant Books, but I also want people out there who may see this to know that they really need to research if this is the book for them before picking it up. It’s not just a simple retelling of a classic. Honestly, I feel like it should have been in the Horror section of my local bookstore.

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